Meet our Style consultant!

We interact. With our speech, our posture, but most of all our dress. During my sales history at multinational companies, I realized that in addition to preparedness, credibility is very important in all areas of life. Credibility comes from what we radiate about ourselves, how much we are in harmony with ourselves and how much we can express this with our style, our dress.

THE my passion for fashion inherited from my grandmother led me to do the Budapest Fashion school personal style consultant major in 2017. It became clear there for me, that the creative desire in me, the knowledge I have acquired and the my experience in the world of work can help those who they want to dress more consciously to fine-tune their style, or perhaps it will be completely transformed.

Counseling, I helped ladies and gentlemen through style evenings and workshops consciously construct their lifestyle and color type, personality proper wardrobe.

Important I consider myself a stylist to introduce Hungarian brands to the general public, creators and designers thereby diverting them from the world of fast fashion a towards sustainable fashion, all in a personalized way. This is also the case with VENGRU the basis of our cooperation.

My credo is that style stems from the individuality that is there in everyone, you just don’t necessarily know what toolbox to show it with. I am discovering this to help someone who wants to change, to change.

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