Meet our Style consultant!

We influence each other with our speech, body language, but most importantly with our clothing. During my career as a salesperson at multinational companies, I realized that preparation is important in every aspect of life, but so is authenticity. Authenticity comes from what we radiate about ourselves, how much we are in harmony with ourselves, and how we can express this with our style and clothing.

My passion for fashion, which I inherited from my grandmother, led me to complete the Personal Styling program at the Budapest Fashion School in 2017. It became clear to me there that my creative desire, acquired knowledge, and work experience can be helpful for those who want to dress more consciously, fine-tune their style, or completely transform it.

Through consulting, style sessions, and workshops, I helped women and men consciously build a wardrobe that suits their lifestyle and color type, and reflects their personality.

As a stylist, I believe it’s important to introduce Hungarian brands, creators, and designers to the public, thereby moving them away from the fast fashion world towards sustainable fashion, all in a personalized way. This is also the basis of our cooperation with VENGRU.

My motto is that style comes from personality, which is present in everyone, but not everyone knows how to showcase it with the right tools. I am here to help those who want to change and transform their style.

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