VENGRU story

Our story

The VENGRU brand was founded by Boglárka Szögi-Csomány and Tamás Faragó in 2017. Our goal is to make practical, high-quality and unique bags that we are happy to wear ourselves. Initially, we carried out all the stages of preparation of the bags, we tailored the leather and sewed the bags ourselves. Today, VENGRU has developed into a micro-enterprise, and it also provides jobs for Hungarian leatherworkers who produce exclusively VENGRU products. VENGRU’s mission is to create high-quality, timeless pieces of eternal value, reflecting the needs of the customers and at the same time giving space to the creativity of our clients. The design of our leather bags is easily recognizable and memorable, and its aesthetics are defined by geometric shapes.

  Our products

“V as VENGRU – V as Variable”

The uniqueness of our bags is due to their high variability. The straps and handles of each bag are interchangeable, adjustable, and several different straps can be attached to one bag. By varying different colours and patterns, individual compositions can be created, and the possibilities are limited only by the creativity of the customers.

The pieces of the Play modular collection can be combined with each other: the underlying bags (backpacks, shoppers, etc.) can be combined with smaller so-called panel bags, which can be attached to the front of the base bags with zippers. On the one hand, the panel bag functions as a separate pocket, and on the other hand, it changes the look of the base bag, creating new, exciting shapes and colour schemes. The multifunctionality of the bags is highlighted by the fact that the panel bag can be carried separately as a mini-bag, belt bag, small shoulder bag or even as a handbag without a strap. The 3D bag designer available on the brand’s website helps to realize the creative ideas of the customers by allowing them to tailor the bags of the Play modular collection to their own style, so that they can design a unique bag that they will definitely not encounter on the street.

In addition to our now iconic combinable modular leather bags, over time, unique leather bags of the GEM collection, linen bags and accessories – belts, purses, glasses cases, bracelets, keychains, watch straps, coin and earphone holders – have also appeared in the brand’s offerings. With the introduction of alpaca scarves, we are also opening up to a new direction: to clothing products.

Our philosophy

“We create bags, not boundaries!”

– as our motto proclaims, and not only do we make our variable and combinable bags in this spirit, but the 3D bag designer, which gives space to the creativity of the customers, also functions along this principle.

Reflecting on the challenges of climate change, it is important for us to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint with the production of bags and accessories. For this purpose, we predominantly use natural materials, and we minimize the use of plastic. The raw material of bags and accessories is primarily cowhide, which is practically a by-product of beef production. So, unlike artificial leather, cowhide does not need to be produced separately, and instead of ending up in the garbage, it is reused in various leather products and becomes a timeless piece. In order to reduce the waste generated during the production of bags, we use even the smallest pieces of leather, making small accessories from them – wallets, bracelets, coin and earphone holders, watch straps.

In order to use short supply chains that are often mentioned today, we buy the raw materials from Europe (leather and metal accessories from Italy, textiles from the Czech Republic), and the leather products are made exclusively in Hungary, giving jobs to domestic leatherwork professionals. Leather products are produced in small batches and stocks are minimized which also point towards more sustainable production.

Our Team

  Boglárka Szögi-Csomány and Tamás Faragó graduated from Óbuda University as industrial product and design engineers. They both worked for the same clothing wholesaler, where they learned what it takes to run a fashion company from design to production to market. With the knowledge gained there, they started to build their own brand.

The two designers represent different approaches: while Boglárka, as a mother of three, takes a more practical approach to design, Tamás brings extravagant, artistic, gutsy forms to the world of the brand.

Our leatherworkers – who now exclusively produce VENGRU products – enrich the brand with many years of experience and precise, handcrafted expertise.