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Many people may not realize it, but the seasonal color theory originated in the 1920s. It is associated with Johannes Itten, a painter who worked during the Bauhaus era and led a painting school. He noticed that his students often used colors and shades that matched their external characteristics and style. He gave his students a task to paint a color sequence that they considered harmonious. This exercise made it clear to the students that everyone sees and paints harmonious colors in different ways, and these colors typically reflect a particular season. This is how the concept of the seasonal color theory was born.

Four season

Signs of spring: bright, warm, lively
Summer signs: light, cold, burst
Signs of autumn: dark, warm, broken
Winter signs, dark, cold, lively

In the 1980s, taking into account the common color characteristics among the different seasonal types, each season was divided into three subgroups in order to more accurately determine individual color palettes. This is how the seasonal palettes containing 12 subgroups were created, which have since become widely accepted worldwide.

Would you like to find out your colors?

If you want to choose your VENGRU bag consciously, according to your color type, the process is as follows: The world of colors During the color analysis, I will introduce you to the world of colors, and then we will use color scarves in front of a mirror to see how your face reflects and how it changes with different colors. Color combinations By the end of the consultation, you will also see the difference between the different colors. I will share with you a color palette and ideal color combinations for you to use colors more consciously in dressing to your advantage in the future. (Pictures of TOMI+BOGI color consultation.) Color card At the end of the consultation, you will receive a color card and guide to make shopping easier in the future.

Afterwards, we can easily design your VENGRU bag that fits your wardrobe and lifestyle!

Bogi and Tomi have also been classified according to the seasonal color analysis, and you can see their pictures here.

Bogi’s type is Soft Summer. Her colors are like a summer afternoon after the rain, with delicate and subtle shades. In addition, cool colors and mostly lighter shades are the ones that suit her perfectly.

Tomi’s type is Dark Winter. His colors are deep and dramatic, striking, and surrounded by mystery. In addition to shining in dark colors, the combination of bright, cool shades perfectly highlights his character.

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