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Vengru shopper

Unique leather shopper with variable zippers on the front, a separate accessory, a panel bag, which can be fitted to the base bag, which completely changes the look.

The classic elongated shopper cut is a real eternal piece. A leather shoulder strap and cross strap can be attached to transform it from a handbag to a side bag. The extra cross strap is adjustable in length. You can also request a separate interior organizer for the bag in our design space.

The bag is made of premium quality Italian leather, handmade by Hungarian leatherwork specialists, and is a small series leather product. The supplies are home-made, high-quality metal zippers and premium Italian metal accessories. Cut edges, hand painted wind finishes.

The outer size of the bag is 41 cm x 29 cm x 9 cm


Genuine leather is a natural material that is characterized by the fact that its character may change over time. As a result of use, the appearance of our original leather products can become patinated, which emphasizes its uniqueness. In general, genuine leather products require moderate cleaning. Most of the dirt can be easily removed with a soft, damp cloth. Some soft leather products can also be treated with a special care cream. Always buy the right color care cream and use it only according to the instructions for use. Nourishing creams and sprays can darken the treated skin surface. First, you should clean it in a less conspicuous place where you can make sure that the cleaning leaves no unwanted marks. Stain removers are not suitable for cleaning leather products.

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